The most fundamental practice associated with the mind training is based on the Four Immeasurable. Immeasurable Love, Immeasurable Compassion, Immeasurable Joy and Immeasurable Equanimity are Four Immeasurable.

What is Immeasurable Love?

Immeasurable Love is a wishing that happiness and the cause of happiness may be experienced by all sentient beings. It is said that the nature of all beings have one taste. The happiness of others has exactly the same importance as mine and you. Unlike the love shared between opposite sex, this love is free of lust and attachment. The Lord Buddha said: “Conquer anger by love.” Thus love is also the main means to control anger.

What is Immeasurable Compassion?

Immeasurable Compassion is a wishing that all sentient beings may be free from suffering and the cause of suffering. It is realizing the needs of others by realizing the intense suffering of others. Compassion arises naturally with the realization of the nature of impermanence and the sufferings of others.

What is Immeasurable Joy?

Immeasurable Joy is being happy in the welfare of others.  Rejoicing the great achievements of others and encouraging them to achieve more happiness. The fact is: happier they are, the happier we are.

What is Immeasurable Equanimity?

Immeasurable Equanimity is realizing all beings as essentially equal. This can avoid the belief in the separation of self and others. Through Immeasurable Equanimity, one can understand the equality of all phenomena. The loved one and the hated one are realized as essentially equal from the real point of view. With this generation of mind, we can sense all sentient beings with one goal of desiring happiness.