Lhatsun_Namkha_JikmeRiwo Sangchoe (the offering of a mountain of smoke) is a treasure teaching from Guru Rinpoche, revealed in Sikkim by terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigme in the 17th Century. It is an effective practice to purify our karma as well as environment. It is also effective in repaying karmic debts, clearing obstacles and increasing auspiciousness, harmony and peace. This is also a wonderful method to accumulate merit and engage in Bodhisattva deeds. During this practice, smoke of incense and other substances is mentally transformed into vast and choicest of offerings. These are blessed through the power of meditation and offered to enlightened beings as a sign of refuge, and to all sentient beings within the cycle of worldly existence as an act of compassion. In this way, one sends waves of aspirations to benefit all beings. During this practice, particular emphasis is made to clear the karmic debts that one created with others in the past through negative actions of body, speech and mind. As one pacifies the torments and satisfies the needs of beings, it also reflects in the ambiance through increased harmony and peace. The entire practice is done from the highest view of ati-yoga, and hence for those who received an introduction to the view, it is also powerful in reinforcing that wisdom.

Regarding the revelation of this treasure teaching, Dzogsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche said, “Through his [terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigme’s] practice of Riwo Sangcho, he was able to remove all human and non-human obstacles to the Dharma in Sikkim, opening it as a ‘secret land’ of the teachings.”

The third Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Jigme Tenpai Nyima explains about the practice, “It is by making illusory offerings through illusory practice that we can complete the gathering of illusory accumulations. Through this cause – namely the accumulation of merit – we can gain the result, which is the perfection of wisdom. Four such methods which involve very little difficulty and yet are exceptionally meaningful and beneficial are the offerings of sang, water tormas, sur and one’s own body. The individual who practices these regularly and diligently will gather the accumulations, purify the obscurations, and, in particular, will pacify any obstacles and factors that prevent the accomplishment of the Dharma and awakening in the present lifetime, becoming free of them like the sun emerging from the clouds. Since they also support our progress along the path leading to the supreme attainment of Dzogpachenpo, it makes sense for us to put our energy into practicing them.”

Suitability: To engage in this practice with full understanding, an empowerment of Guru Rinpoche and oral transmission of the liturgy is required. However, those who do not have these can also join for this session and experience peace.