Program Streams

In order to cater to the diverse needs of students, we have divided our programs into four streams. This is done in order to emphasis on  specific teaching style and subject  suited for a particular stream thereby  benefiting  different levels of students;  however,  there is no restriction and  one can attend any  program irrespective of one’s experience levels.

Daily Meditation

Meditation can develop mental tranquility , mindfulness, and insight. These qualities are essential for spiritual development. We conduct daily mediation class from 5 PM to 7 PM. In this duration, one hour is for meditation practice and rest  is  for discussions  on mediation or other spiritual topics. more.

Introductory Teaching Courses

This stream consists of introductory topics on Buddhist philosophy. This stream requires no prior knowledge of Buddhism and thus it is beneficial for newcommers, who are interested in understanding and evaluating Buddhist philosophy. more.

Advanced Teaching courses

This stream is designed for Buddhist practitioners who are aspiring to improve their understanding and practice of the dharma through studying extensive texts  on both philosophical and practice aspects. more.

Vajrayana Sadhanas

This stream consists of Vajrayana practices which include specific deity puja rituals, mantra recitations, deity meditation and so on. These session usually requires  deity empowerment and transmissions; however,  devoted followers  without such initiations can also attend the programs and receive blessings. more.

Special Session with Great Masters

We also conduct special teaching sessions with Great Masters covering all the above  mentined streams. During these sessions (typically once in three months), The great masters of the Nyingma Lineagevisit the center. During these occasions, empowerments (initiations) for various Vajrayana meditation practices are conferred. In addition, there are oral transmissions of scriptures in the traditional way to pass blessings in an unbroken lineage all the way from Shakyamuni Buddha. These masters also give practical instructions and detailed teachings during their visits. Participants also get an opportunity to individually meet these masters and take personal advice and practice instructions after these sessions.

Please see Program Schedule page for upcoming programs.